Day 9: Never stop running


Today is the day I ran 2 km without taking a break, without walking, just constant running.

I feel an unreasonable sense of pride for this little achievement.

Also, I tried to go as slow as possible. My pace is slowing down, but still faster than the target.

The pavement constructions are in full swing, but today, instead of crossing the street, I simply ran ~30 meters on the bike path along it. I don’t know if it was a good idea, but at least it made me continue without a break.

And to think that I almost rescheduled this one for tomorrow!

Distance: 2 km
Time:       15:07

Day 5: First morning run


My first morning run. It was… difficult.

I want to run in the morning for a couple of reasons. One is that I know morning exercise works well for me. I think better, I work more efficiently, and it fills me with endorphins for the rest of the day.
Another reason is that where I live, it gets dark in the evening pretty fast this time of the year. And I really do not want to run in the dark, at least not yet.

Therefore, I woke up early today… just to discover it was still pretty dark outside. Oh well.
Fortunately, after brushing my teeth and getting dressed, it looked like we finally got enough photons running. The street lights went out. I took the elevator down (don’t judge me! my building has no proper staircase) and set off for my first ever morning run.

I absolutely love the feeling when you break your stroll into a run. What a joy.

And then it got difficult. I struggled to get my breath.
My nose stopped working halfway the route.
I could not understand what was wrong, but I kept going.
I broke into a walk. And then ran again.
After reaching my home again, I looked at the time…


…and suddenly everything made sense.
I ran way too fast.

I have to learn how to control my pace better.

Distance: 2.1 km
Time:        13:44

Day 1: The small steps

What is a better day than to start your long-expected running plan then a Friday full of stress, after a barely slept through night?

I was getting ready for two weeks. Got my shoes, my gear, my phone armband and even chose my running app. Yet every day there was something. Life is full of somethings. Well, my life at least.

And today, when I finally had the opportunity to leave work before sunset, I decided no somethings will get in my way any more.

I have my gear, I have my plan, I have my goal. I have made my first step.

It was so easy!

Distance: 2.1 km
Time:        17:48