Day 2: Spring rolls and cookies (rest day)


Today my schedule told me to rest. An overachiever such as me wouldn’t feel good to just do nothing, right? Fortunately, I’ve been invited to a spring-roll-making dinner with some fabulous workmates of mine, at a place on the other side of the city center.

So I walked.

We had a wonderful time. We made real Vietnamese spring-rolls (delicious!), ate a hearty vegetable soup, and I brought some home-made cookies for dessert. Afterwards, we played bingo! Oh, and I learned how to make those beautiful carrot flowers for the dipping sauce. They are absolutely adorable, aren’t they?

SpringRolls carrots cookies2

Then I walked back home.
Walking is not running, so, technically, this counts as a rest, doesn’t it?

Distance: 2×1.8 km (walking)
Time:        Wonderful!

P.S. The recipe for the cookies you can find on Smitten Kitchen. They are very sweet, so I advise to half the sugar.


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