Day 10: Breakfast yoghurt (rest day)


Simplest. Breakfast. Ever.

fruit of your choice
oats or muesli
good quality thick natural yoghurt
a dash of honey


Pick a bowl you like. I mean it. Pick the cutest, most heart-warming bowl you can find that will make your morning a better time. It can have a funny animal on it, or a motivational message, or a beautiful art piece. Mine has hand-painted dots.


Layer your ingredients in the bowl.

For fruit, I recommend soft fruit. I used clementines and pomegranate today, but I also use persimmons, oranges, grapes, berries, or an occasional apple. Whatever you like, really, but the faster and easier it is to prepare, the better.

Try to find natural yoghurt which is not thickened by starches, milk powder or carob gum. It’s not that these ingredients are particularly bad for you, but if they are used, it means the original yoghurt was not the best quality and needed to be upgraded in one way or the other. Good quality yoghurt requires no thickeners. You can also look for greek, balkan or bulgarian yoghurt – most of them will be good quality, thick, tangy goodness.

And make it pretty. Because you deserve a pretty, nicely served breakfast.




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  1. Vali · November 30, 2014

    Love the motion picture:)

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