Day 14: Into the darkness


First time I ran after dark.

Sticking to the pavements of well-lit roads, I felt pretty safe with my reflective straps on everything (pants, jacket, armband). The temperature was fine, too.

My biggest worry, however, was the muscle ache in my adductors I still have from the Monday dance class. It is by far not as bad as the last two days, but I was afraid it might have made it harder for me to run.
Fortunately, it was not the case in the slightest! The run was smooth and easy, and, if anything, it helped to alleviate the ache.

Too bad I do not know my time, as I did something wrong and the run did not record properly.

Oh well. Two weeks done!

Distance: 2.1 km
Time:       ??


One comment

  1. chris · December 4, 2014

    Yaaayy, nice you did it. Happy about that. Saturday run still todo for the closure of the run week. Proud.

    Also I like the title!

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