Day 30: The Wind!


Today’s run has been dominated by one thing: wind.
Headwind. Backwind. Side-wind. I know it all after this run.
There was even rain! Hardly noticeable, but I could see it in front of me.

On the positive side, I sort-of got back into the stable running from my very first 5k.
It wasn’t quite the same yet, but I could feel a significant improvement since Thursday. And, surprisingly, I also improved my time! This was something I did not expect at all.
With comfortable walking breaks, a slow start and the wind in my face trying to tear my flesh from my bones, I did not even hope for a pace under 7min/km.


Oh, it felt great.


And tomorrow, I am flying back home for Christmas. This means I will need to find new routes, adjust to a slightly different climate, and most probably have less time to blog about my efforts between seeing family, meetings friends and preparing the Christmas Eve dinner. Nevertheless, I will try to keep you updated – and you are invited to check out my Twitter as well, as I plan to fill it with the holiday joy.

Truly, I can’t wait to see my family, and – to be honest – to try out running around my family home. It will certainly be a new experience. Am I crazy that I am checking out possible routes and the weather for my run days already?

Next week I will try describe how a Polish Christmas looks like – at least in the version traditional to my family. Stay tuned!


Distance: 5.2km
Time:       35:25


One comment

  1. chris · December 20, 2014

    Thats indeed a very crazy nice time already (and you name it only “significantly” better), especially for a comfortable run.

    You are only a little bit crazy for that, it’s good to prepare abit but better leave that for now and look forward to see the family again and spend a nice time! :)

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