Day 33: Home sweet home

It is good to be back at my family home. I love to see my family, and my cats! Say Hi to Fuga and Puma:

Fuga Puma

Yes, they are both female, yes, they are both black with red collars, and yes, we do tell them apart. They have completely different personalities. Fuga is cuddly, curious and an adventurous creature and kind of silly, and Puma is a solitary princess with character and attitude.

There also is, of course, the food – family home food has this particular, special taste that makes me feel safe and cozy and comfortable.

The Christmas preparations are in full swing. The house smells of gingerbread and roasted meat and cake. Yesterday, we decorated the Christmas tree. That is something we traditionally only do on the Christmas Eve, but my mother ordered the tree dressed already “to have two more days of the holiday cheer”. So we did.

20141222_225832 IMG-20141222-WA0068~2
Merry Christmas everyone!

Earlier yesterday me and my dad went to shop for groceries and had lunch together. My dad really wanted to join me for running, but the weather today scared him off. In the end, I went to run on my own. It was difficult: I felt tired, and the weather certainly did not feel inviting: strong wind and light rain. That certainly does not come anywhere close to any holiday cheer I hoped for!

However, it did feel nice to run around the places I know so well from my childhood and adolescence. The familiar sights and smells (cows!), the area where we used to collect chestnuts, and the changes which happened in the last years that I am not living here.

There is a small section (maybe 1km) of the route I ran today which goes a bit uphill. It is not much, the slope is very gentle, but, surprisingly, my legs felt the difference. I did make a couple of walking breaks, and still beat my pace from last week. I ran at 6:40min/km – and I wasn’t even trying! Never mind the rain, I arrived home more wet on my inner layers than my running jacket.

Yesterday also was a big day for MRB, who ran his first 5k distance and he really wanted me to mention this in here. Good job! Keep it up!

Distance: 5.45km
Time:       36:22


One comment

  1. chris · December 23, 2014

    Very nice everything, the cats, the tree, the run and the smile.

    You are always welcome to come run here, up and dooown and uuuuuup and down again and again. It indeed makes a difference.


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