Day 35: Christmas run with my dad

We had a great run today! I woke up, put on my running gear (I knew we will have a busy afternoon, so wanted to get it done as early as possible) and went to say good morning to my parents. The weather was cold and windy, but there was no rain and my dad wanted to run with me. My mother’s expression was more of a “you are all crazy” kind of thing.

cold running


We started slow (about 8:20 mins/km) and made a small route around the neighbourhood (1.7km). After that my dad, who is not used to running at all, decided to go home and I continued the rest on my own. Because of that, it was my first solo run without music, and I must admit I was surprised not to miss it much.

I am very proud of my father! I was afraid he would try to force himself to go full 5k with me, and I was worried he might injure or strain himself. I am very happy he wanted to join me and I had him as a running partner, even if not for the full distance. I am also happy he made the smart decision to go home when feeling tired.

The run itself felt good. I think due to the slower start I was able to run more consistently through the rest of the route, although I did take some walking breaks, as usual. The overall pace was 6:45mins/km, so still pretty good for me! Even though these might not be true pace runs as my running plan dictates, I am still satisfied. The uphill part also wasn’t as tiresome as previously.

Maybe all the fuel from yesterday’s Christmas Eve dinner helped, too (; We had the 12 traditional dishes (and one has to try every single one!), plus some cakes and sweets and fruit – overall, much more food than what I am used too. With all this running, it shouldn’t be too bad, right?

Distance: 5.5km
Time:       37:09



  1. chris · December 25, 2014

    I had made the same experience with the music, it’s really not alot different.

    Very nice time and when counting in the catching up from 8.20 to 6.45, it’s almost pace’ing. Well done!

    No don’t worry, it will be fine

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vali · January 2, 2015

    This was really nice to read, and so fantastic that your dad went to run with you! Must have been a really warm feeling:)

    Liked by 1 person

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