Day 38: Wherever I go, I run

Oh, busy days!
First day of Christmas we usually visit my family, and the second day we go to my godfather’s place to sing Christmas carols. Not all of the people participating are religious, but this became sort of a tradition for the group of friends of my parents, who bring their children and grandchildren along. It is a very nice meet-up with potluck and everyone is having a lot wine and a lot of fun (this year’s party included crowbaring a lady out of the bathroom due to a jammed lock).
Saturday we visited my grandma. It started snowing on Friday and the forest on the way to her place looked absolutely amazing. We stopped to take some pictures, as we were literally enchanted by the environment.

20141227_130952~2 20141227_131136~2

20141227_131143~2 20141227_131154~2~2

Due to the long travel and many, many people to visit in my father’s hometown, I had to postpone my running till Sunday. Too bad I couldn’t run in the forest – that would be fantastic! Fortunately, there is a wonderful running route in the town itself which goes around a lake and into the city forest where we went to run with my dad.
The scenery there and the views were also great. The route is slightly hilly (for some of you probably not at all, but me, used to my flat as a pancake Netherlands, I feel even the gentlest of slopes), and quite popular – we met numerous people running, biking, walking their dogs or Nordic walking.

 20141228_095159~2 20141228_095208


My dad did not run the whole route with me, again, and it was cold! It was my first run when the temperature was seriously below the freezing point (about -8°C). I was testing out my new long running loose-fit pants, warm running socks, running gloves and a winter running top and they worked great! The only thing which I noticed is that the cushioning of my shoes was severely impaired. The cold made the shoes much more stiff and hard, making the run less comfortable, and my pace wasn’t that fast. Still, I am not trying to beat records here – just enjoy running, and I did!

Distance: 5.6km
Time:       38:50



  1. chris · December 28, 2014

    Nice location and environnment, a cool selfie and still an awesome time, all good! Nothing about the pace not beeing that fast! :-)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BabetaRuns · December 28, 2014

    I love the snow pictures!!! Lucky you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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