Day 39: Warsaw – Old Town walk and a play (rest day)

Each year, the Old Town of Warsaw is being decorated for Christmas and the New Year with lights. I wanted to go and see the decorations and to experience the atmosphere this year as well, so I asked who would like to join me to walk the Old Town after dark.
As most of my family was busy with work, in the end only me and my father went. Even though it was warmer than yesterday (-5°C), not running and darkness made it feel much colder, and we had to stop for a tea to warm ourselves up. However, the city looked great, as usual!

After the walk we went to see a play at the Warsaw Tear Współczesny (Modern Theatre) with my whole family. It was a Polish adaptation of French La danse de l’albatros by Gérald Sibleyras, and it was a very good one. It is a witty and funny, but also philosophical play about love and relationships between humans. The characters feel very real and close, and the humour reflects on deep questions on what it is to love someone and be with someone. Everyone enjoyed it very much.


Distance: 4.5km (walking)


One comment

  1. chris · December 30, 2014

    Very nice, looks very familiar to me but it’s even nicer with the lights, those I haven’t seen (I think)

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