Day 40: The Last Run this year & The 2014 Summary

Today’s run was sponsored by the phrase, be careful!

After I got up in the morning and dressed up for running, my father announced he wanted to go with me again. But, this time, he didn’t want to just run around the neighbourhood; he wanted to go to the nearby ponds to run in a nice scenery as there are beautiful trail routes there. I thought it was a good idea at that time, so we went. And indeed, it was very pretty; white snow, sun, blue sky…

It is not very far, but the ponds are not too big; one run around the first one took 1.3km… and that was enough for my dad. I am not surprised, as the run was difficult; the ground was frozen, plowed with car tire marks, with multiple frozen puddles hidden under the snow and we had to be very careful with our step. Therefore, my father went home and I stayed to finish my distance.

Seems my dad’s method didn’t change much since I was a child. He used to drag me to the middle of a lake and tell me to go back to the beach on my own when I was small so I would learn to swim; now he drove me to the middle of ponds and left me there so I can run home on my own.

Before he did, however, he has shown me the place where I had walked my first steps as a toddler – close to the trees and the green fence:


I wanted to go around a bigger pond, but halfway the round I saw a big, black and brown dog in the distance. I slowed into a walk, hoping to see the dog’s owner soon, but the dog started to bark instead, with no other human in sight. I was about 300m away from the dog, so I turned around and walked away, quite slow, hoping the dog won’t run after me – and fortunately it didn’t. I had to be very cautions there. After it was no longer in sight, I ran back, and again around the smaller pond, and then back home – netting over 6km! The run itself was pretty slow, though, and certainly not a pace run as planned…


As this was my last run this year, I though it would be nice to do…



  • I have run a total of 62.2km in 20 runs!
    – netting a total of 7 hours runtime with an average pace of 7:15min/km!
    – I am almost halfway my training plan!
  • I ran in 3 cities, 2 countries and 5 different running routes!

Not bad for someone who started in the middle of November, is it?

See you in 2015! Have a great NYE and a fantastic year!


Distance: 6.3km
Time:       44:47



  1. chris · December 31, 2014

    Pace run or not, don’t be too hard to yourself.
    Adding a kilometer ontop and still having such a nice time (plus even faster than the plan says) is something to be proud of. It could count as pace run!

    Nice summary of the year :)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BabetaRuns · December 31, 2014

    Haha! My dad used to do something very similar – just throw me in the water so I learn how to swim! How I hated him for that?! :)))

    Well done! 6k is fab!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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