Day 43: First of the Year


NYE was absolutely fantastic – so great that the New Year day was included in the party. Although I was supposed to run yesterday (and in some ways I think a Jan 1st run would be totally awesome), I chose to spend the first day of 2015 with some great friends instead, playing board games, talking and having fun. I have far not enough opportunities to see them, and I had a great time being with them, including one girl in particular – especially on such a special day.

Therefore, I ran today. The downside is that the temperatures are now above freezing – meaning, everything melted down, it’s rainy, muddy and windy. Perfect running weather.


I really, really did not feel like running. I slept very long, ate next to nothing, and the weather was not inviting. And I couldn’t grab a brunch and wait, as it would get dark already – the area around my family home is not suited for running in dark conditions.
So, despite everything, I grabbed my dad (who went home after about 1km) and stormed out. We had to mind the puddles. The wind and rain annoyed us. It wasn’t raining cats and dogs, but was significantly worse than the drizzle I ran in before, and for the first time ever are my running clothes hanging to dry due to rain.

The run itself wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t good either, but better than last two times. I tried not to walk too much; when I got tired on the last part, I slowed down but kept on running. I think that helped me get a relatively decent time this run, although it left me very tired. That’s a good kind of tired, though.

And tonight, we are going to see Big Eyes by Tim Burton. Yay!

Distance: 5.3km
Time:        36:01



  1. chris · January 2, 2015

    Very nice time, that’s in my opinion a good run.

    Especially that you went run today, after feeling that way, well done. Proud of you!

    Liked by 1 person

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