Day 45: Caltrops! & Pumpkins


Today, I consider my very first real attempt at a pace run. I tried to go slowly and run as far as I could, minimising the walked distance. I managed quite well, even though I woke up late and was in hurry. There was a busy day ahead, including making pierogi, hurting myself, visiting family and watching a movie.


First, I went to run. As mentioned above, I tried to go real slow and really run the distance instead of breaking into walk every now and then, what I have been doing too much recently. The results: decent time/pace, satisfaction, and very tired calves.
Slow running seems to work my calves real good, for some reason. I should look more into that and the mechanics of running – I will certainly share when I know something.
However, I finally took a picture of the picturesque pumpkins which I pass on my route!


After a quick shower, I made pierogi with my mother. I have made them on my own a couple of times but I never seemed to get the dough quite right, so I wanted my mom to show me how she’s doing it. Hopefully I will try it on my own, and I hope this time it’ll go better. Today, they turned out very tasty.

When cleaning up after the cooking, I had a close encounter with one of these little buggers (actually, the blue one):


I accidentally stepped on it will full force. I got more scared than injured, but the pain at first was pretty bad. They aren’t particularly sharp by themselves, so you can imagine having a stab wound in my foot was not a perspective I appreciated. I hope it will not hinder me in my schedule. I will spare you the pictures of the hole in my foot…

Later on, we went to visit my family, and after that me and my dad went to see Whiplash.
I enjoyed the movie – the music was very good, and the story engaging. I would certainly recommend it, especially to musicians and fans of jazz. It is mainly about about the dedication, the sacrifice and the discipline it takes to be a great musician.

Distance: 5.1km
Time:       35:23



  1. chris · January 5, 2015

    It’s nice to read about your changing of strategy and that it worked out nicely, with such a nice time.

    Pierogies will be tried, it surely will be tasty.

    Hope your foot will be fine but I don’t think it will cause running problems

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BabetaRuns · January 5, 2015

    Yummy! Where are you from?

    Liked by 1 person

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