Day 48: Getting tired?

Finally managed to get my run done!
Yesterday I was flying back to the Netherlands, and arrived so tired I had to reschedule my run till today. You can see the gorgeous clouds in the picture above – right from the window of the plane!


The day before that, on Monday, I made a short run with my father (1.6km) – as he asked me to go run with him – and even my injured foot did not bother me. It was a sort-of goodbye, last run with my dad, last run at my family home, last run in Poland… it felt good, we only ran a short distance, but I am very glad we did that together.
It was also my first and only run so far in glasses, as I forgot to switch into contacts that time. To be honest, I did not even notice until we were back home and the glasses went foggy from the temperature difference.

The run today was tiresome, or I still felt tired. I mentioned before that running slowly, while preserving energy, makes me feel my Achilles tendon and I could totally feel it this time. My calves and Achilles were strange through the first 3km of today’s run, with a weird tension/cramp-like feeling. Nothing too bad, as it subsided in the end, but I definitely need to look further into the mechanics of this. If anyone has some info on what could cause this, please let me know!
Of course, that’s not the end of today’s problems: I dressed too warm, my right foot went strangely numb halfway the route (I guess I did something wrong with the shoe, just not sure what yet), and I forgot to remove my make up. Also, I left my headphones back in Poland, so I had no music. Not that it bothered me in any way, but I feel a bit bad for forgetting my headphones.

It was an attempted pace run. Even though I had to walk twice for a short time, I pushed myself to run as far as I could, trying to go slow at the start. I managed quite well, I think, although it felt like a slow run overall, and turned out to be so in the end (6:59 min/km).
Nevertheless, the last kilometer felt really good. The uncomfortable tension was gone, and I pushed through the tiredness into My Running Nirvana. I think it happens when I refuse to give in to my body’s subconscious defense systems and continue to run, until I achieve a stable, automatic pace. It is a feeling that – even though I am tired and could stop any time – I could also continue for as long as I want. Amazing.

I have plenty of other things to write to you about my last days in Poland, but that’s for another time.

Distance: 5.1km
Time:       35:51


One comment

  1. chris · January 7, 2015

    I am happy your feet injury doesn’t bother you. You tried out quite some things now, running with glasses, running with makeup, running without music :)

    The the running looks nice, you finished it with all the small problems and the tension, still getting a nice pace. This is great, keep going!

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