Day 53: Dancing dilemmas (rest day)


Last week Monday I was still in Poland, therefore I missed the first dancing class this year. And, if not for me practising my strong will, I would probably miss today’s class, too. But I committed myself to this dancing course, and I will go through with it.


Nevertheless, I was thinking of quitting after the end of this course instead of joining the continuation. I am new to this dance style and I never did any classic ballet or jazzdance or similar styles which could help me here. I am visibly slow at picking up movements and combinations, and not too good at executing them afterwards, either. The tempo of introducing new moves seems to be very fast, and I am lacking the explanation of how to perform them properly and safely, which I would expect from a beginners’ course.

The first half of the class, when we refreshed the part of the choreography learned in the last week’s class (which I missed), left me frustrated and discouraged. But then we went back to the combination which we practised since the beginning, it all changed. I still am behind the group with some things, and a bit out of the rhythm, but overall, I did much better than I expected.

And it got me thinking, why am I so negative about this dancing style/course? I enjoy myself in the dance, that’s for certain. Moreover, I guess it is a different thing to learn a completely new style instead of new moves in a style I came from, with which I am familiar for six years or so.

Also, these dance classes have plenty of advantages for me. I learn a lot of new things, it serves as a cross-training activity, I practice my Dutch, and the girls in the dance group are nice and friendly.

Overall, I did not make a decision what to do yet.
I will certainly complete this course – 1 more month to go – and make my mind when it will be closer to completion. We recorded the choreography today so I will have some good guidance on practising at home, and I hope I will improve.
Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.


On a completely unrelated note: I noticed I am much less bothered by cold and rain since I started running. I wonder if any of you runners experienced something similar?

Distance: 2.7km (walking)
Time:       1 hour (dancing)


One comment

  1. chris · January 12, 2015

    My fingers are always crossed for you. I am sure you can manage it.


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