Day 54: New phase, new speed


I entered the race simulation phase, where I practice on 3k and 4k distances to pace faster. The first run went well, I pushed a bit, ran continuously. I ended up tired, but satisfied. Nothing special happened, too, apart from me stepping into a huge puddle and getting my feet all wet.

Oh, maybe one thing I noticed is that, all of the sudden, running became very popular around here. I meet far more people running, it was the case in the weekend and also today, even though it was dark.
I wonder if it’s the New Year’s resolutions? If so, I wish them all best of luck!

And guess what: Quickest pace ever! 6:10 min/km! I hope it will get even better in this phase, and I will be able to keep it up on the 5k distance, too.

Distance: 3.2 km
Time:       19:47



  1. chris · January 14, 2015

    What a nice time! Yay you!

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  2. BabetaRuns · January 15, 2015

    Haha! I went for Pitales in my gym couple of days ago… I have NEVER seen so many people there! But, from last year’s experience, I give them max two months… and then there will be less people again :)

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    • aliceruns · January 15, 2015

      That’s true! I saw a lot of runners today again. I am sure some of them will stop in a couple of weeks but I wish everyone they persist.

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