Day 67: It’s all in the head (rest day)


A pretty great thing happened today: I enjoyed my dance class! I really, really did.

How did that happen?

Well, my regular teacher got ill and we got another girl filling in for her. And something clicked in my head and I finally got the knack of all kinds of things and movements with which I struggled the past two months. I think I just needed them to be explained in a different way – like today.


I feel guilty for thinking and saying this, but I am afraid things just do not work out for me with the teacher I currently have. Surely, I am in no position to judge her and her skill and attitude are amazing. She is wonderful, warm, welcoming and friendly, and I am sure she is doing her best to transfer her dance passion onto us, but it just doesn’t seem to work for me. And I do have to deliver these news to her, what makes me feel extremely bad. I do not feel I have the right to criticise her in any way, and I do not think she did anything wrong.

The positive side of this is that I discovered I like modern dance, as a style, after all. That is terribly important; I just need to get myself slowly into it in a way that fits me better, so I believe I will continue through the spring term and give it a second chance with the other teacher. I just don’t know yet how to deliver these news to my current teacher in a proper manner.

Distance: 3km (walking)
Time:      full of thinking



  1. chris · January 26, 2015

    Good news of the day, cool!


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