Day 74: What a day!

I went to my dance class. My teacher is back, and I enjoyed my dance class! That makes me a bit confused. Two more weeks to go, but I should finally make up my mind what to do. Actually, I feel like giving it 10 more weeks to try the classes with her. I am getting used to her teaching style, and I think I am catching up on the choreography. Maybe the only problem I had was with me and the new dance style?

I have some leftover parmesan soup from yesterday, so I transformed part of it into pasta sauce. The soup is delicious, but very, very heavy (however, it also looks gorgeous). I think it would make a great starter, as long as you don’t serve much of it – it fills fast!
You can find the recipe (in English) on this beautiful French blog.

I really had to be creative and wrap up my dinner quick tonight, with all the plans I had for the evening. Because…

Yoga! I was wondering if I should go or not, but I figured, it would be a good stretch before my run. I was not mistaken. It was great, we had a very small group tonight and the teacher had all the time to pay attention and correct every single little mistake, and answer every single little question. I learned so much, and it was a great experience. I am so happy I decided to go after all. It took about 90 minutes, and then, after some talk with the yoga teacher, I could finally go for my run.

Off I went. The yoga place is not far from my flat, but it yielded a couple hundred extra meters. This was another easy, comfortable, steady pace run. It felt so good! Was it all the yoga before? My head so clear, just the slippery pavements, chill air and the sound of my feet. I need to say, I haven’t done this amount of various activities in one evening since my last dance workshops (and it’s been a while at those, too). What a great run, I came home exhausted, but very satisfied.

It was certainly one busy evening, but I enjoyed it so much. Hope more like this will come… and I hope I can still walk tomorrow.

Distance: 5.5km (+3km walking)
Time:        34:14

One comment

  1. chris · February 3, 2015

    What a crazy busy evening indeed! Wow!


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