Days 88 & 89: Busy Mondays, damn bikers and cool seals

Monday was the last day of my first modern dance course, and I have already subscribed for the continuation. With the same teacher. I believe many of my fellow dancer students did, so we will probably build on what we already learned and not start from scratch again. The dancing class itself felt good and I feel like I got the hang of the dance eventually. Yay! Maybe there will be modern dancers of me after all!

After dancing, MRB and I went for an easy 5k and then headed off to see Birdman. It was also the first time when we went to the alternative movie theatre. I really liked the atmosphere there: very big rooms with comfortable seats, but no row/seat numbers; you just come in and sit wherever you want.
The movie itself was really good, I was surprised how good it actually was. As it was recommended to me by my dear parents, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was funny, smart, very well played, very interestingly filmed (brilliant camera work!), great music, and, in general, a very good movie. I am recommending it as well!

Tuesday, however, started with a biker parking his front wheel into me while I was trying to cross the street. Fortunately nothing too bad happened, but I landed on my knee and bruised it badly enough that it will take a couple of days before I can run again… damn it!
I really don’t like the idea of skipping/rescheduling runs so far away and not running for so long, but I surely do not want to make it worse.

The good part came afterwards, though: seals! I visit the seal shelter from time to time, and I support them when I can. At the moment they shelter a unique black seal, named Happy, among many other grey seals and common seals. Almost all of them are seal pups, mostly separated from their mothers and ill. They require medicines, veterinarian care, food and warmth to get healthy and strong before they can be released back to the sea. One seal in particular was very cute and posing different seal-poses for us:

We also munched on some seal cupcakes and went home at the beautiful sunset.

Then we finally went home and I could ice my poor knee for a bit… It already feels a bit better today. Let’s hope the pain passes quickly.



  1. chris · February 18, 2015

    The movie was interesting, the place was nice.

    Stupid biker indeed, but luckely nothing too bad happened, could have been way worse (and I was afraid it’s way worse, glad it turned out not that bad).

    The seals and the sunset compensated for that a bit, I hope.

    Liked by 1 person

    • aliceruns · February 18, 2015

      Yes, they did. I just hope I can run again soon.


      • chris · February 18, 2015

        Soon, now taking care of that knee first and get it healthy again :-)


  2. Brittany · February 19, 2015

    OMG SEALS!!!! :)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Walther · February 21, 2015

    How is the knee now?


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