Day 119: Like a turtle in peanut butter

Hey, it’s spring equinox tomorrow! And a solar eclipse at the same time! Up to 80% of the eclipse will be visible where I live, what will be quite amazing. Sadly, I will have to be at work, but I might sneak out for an hour or so to watch the most interesting part. If you plan to see it – make sure to protect your eyes, please.

The run today, though, was… difficult. My legs felt like they were filled with lead and my feet hurt at some points, and I felt slow as a turtle in peanut butter. I was surprised that I ran pretty much in the same pace/time as the previous 8k, because it felt so much slower and, in general, worse. On the other hand, the tree I took a picture of last time is now fully covered in blossom. Just look at it! So wonderful! Looking at these pictures, I can almost forget that it’s still pretty chilly outside.

Distance: 8.5km
Time:        57:55

Do you plan on seeing the eclipse?



  1. chris · March 20, 2015

    You did it, thats most important! Even in the same pace, yay!

    Nice trees!

    I will try to see the eclipse if I don’t forget it.

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  2. runsaltrun · March 20, 2015

    When your fast times start feeling slow, that’s a great thing! Awesome job! :)
    I am jealous of your flowers. We have nothing blooming around here yet. Just MORE SNOW. :(

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    • aliceruns · March 20, 2015

      Thank you!
      Ah, I am sure the spring is coming to you as well. I am sure you can wave the snowy days goodbye before long.


  3. irun4pizza · March 20, 2015

    I agree with ^ when your faster times start to feel slow – I think that’s a good thing. I haven’t seen anything bloom yet here, but I can sense it’s coming. My sinuses are telling me it’s true.

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    • aliceruns · March 20, 2015

      I will take it as a good sign then, and hope for more good runs.
      Are you running with hay fever? Oh dear. That must be challenging!


      • irun4pizza · March 20, 2015

        OMgosh yes. I was diagnosed with Hay Fever in the middle of January after a trail run triggered an asthma attack. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to make it through a run without blowing my nose!

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      • aliceruns · March 20, 2015

        Ah, I feel you on that, I am running this whole week with a runny nose and pocketsful of tissues due to some cold. You are amazing to make it through with hay fever and asthma attacks!


  4. runsonsyrup · March 22, 2015

    I love that comparison to a turtle in peanut butter! I’ve forgotten what flowers look like, so thank you for posting some beautiful pictures. It’s snowing here. And 25 degrees. Ugh.

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    • aliceruns · March 22, 2015

      I love that comparison, too, the credit goes to one of the facebook running groups where I saw it first. Don’t worry about the snow, soon enough we will all miss the chill days and curse the heat and humidity!


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