Days 123-129: Week 2 of 10k training


This was a busy and eventful week. I bought some gear. Ran my fastest 1k. Yay!
Ran my fastest 5k. Double yay!

The weather was… very Dutch. Remember all the beautiful pictures of last week and even before that? Well, spring is in full swing here and showing its more ugly face: the rain. Raining cats and dogs with strong wind on top. But I run anyway. I ran though rain, wind, stomach cramps and sneaky puddles this week.
My eating experiment seems to be successful, too. I eat more and I try to fit in more protein in my food, and I feel generally more energetic. I also seem to be less fatigued from the exercise, what was my main goal with this idea.


Day 123: Monday – “cross-training” day

I danced and went to yoga afterwards. It was a good dance class with a nice, relaxing yoga afterwards. Even though I am by far not good at yoga as of yet, I am seeing a great progress. My hip touches to the heel in the pigeon. I am so much more flexible than I used to be two months ago. This change fills me with joy and hope that one day I will get my body where I want it to be.

Day 124: Tuesday – 3k intervals

This was supposed to be my very first true interval run and I screwed up big time. Or did I? It certainly did not feel good. The description told me to run 3x 1k at a fast pace with a jogging/slow pace rest in between for a couple of minutes, but I started out way, way too fast. I logged my fastest 1k with 5:05 mins/km. My legs felt quite fine, but my lungs and my heart protested and filed resignation letters. I felt like I gave it all that I had and I barely could keep moving forward, and it made me want to go use the toilet ASAP. I did not manage to finish my second 1km interval – it was slow and short and I had to take a break before heading off to complete the training.

Distance: 2.9km
Time:       15:49

Day 126: Thursday – 5k fast run

I didn’t feel good, mentally and physically. I was putting off my run till very late in the evening. Right at the beginning of the route I started to feel cramps in my stomach – not sure if it was something I ate or cramps related with my lady’s days, but it felt awful. I hoped to lose it, but it stayed with me for the whole distance. My feet felt sore and I didn’t feel like I was at the proper pace at all. I still managed to finish with 6:12 mins/km what is not bad at all, so it was a perfectly viable fast run.

Distance: 5.1km
Time:       31:36

Day 128: Saturday – 5k slow run

It really feels great when I go out to yoga at 10am and head off to my run straight afterwards. I stopped to take some pictures of the surroundings again.

Skipping breakfast was not a good part of the plan, though. It was a slow and comfy run, but I did feel the lack of proper fuel. I also bought myself a pair of running shorts and some dumbbells to start some strength training, can’t wait to try them out!

Distance: 6.2km
Time:       42:22

Day 129: Sunday – 5k fast run

Woohoo a PR! This was completely unintended. I attempted to run slightly above my comfortable pace and to keep it consistent over the whole distance. I knew where I was about 3km and when I was finishing my 4th, I heard the church bells striking full hour, and that moment I realised: I was under 6mins/km! This thought gave me enough power to keep up the good game for the last 1km. I was surprised and wonderfully satisfied seeing my time and pace when I finished.

Distance: 5.2km
Time:       30:05

Next week will look the same as this one, and I am eager to see how will I perform. Will I get better? Will it be the same, or maybe even worse? We will see.

How is the spring coming up where you live?
How quickly do you normally notice the effects of your speed training?



  1. chris · March 30, 2015

    Crazy week with all different kid of runs, from very hard to a PR. Also you learned some things this week which is nice also. Glad you went out on the bad days and very good time today! Atleast someone of us had a nice run today! ;)

    Liked by 1 person

    • aliceruns · March 30, 2015

      Every run counts. Even if it wasn’t the best one.


  2. runsaltrun · March 30, 2015

    Look at that training paying off!! Congrats on some fantastic runs last week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • aliceruns · March 30, 2015

      Thank you! I do hope that I am getting better overall, and not just having a single “good day”.


  3. BabetaRuns · March 30, 2015

    5:02 is pretty impressive!! Well done you!!

    I have to eat a little before I go running. I can’t run in empty stomach. No energy. So I absolutely understand!

    And nice shorts :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • aliceruns · March 31, 2015

      It was crazy fast! I hope it’ll feel better one day.
      Shorts are still waiting for their turn… cold windy and rainy recently. But it will come!

      Liked by 1 person

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