Days 130 – 136: Week 3 of 10k training


The second and the third week looked exactly the same in the training plan, so I hoped that I would be able to see improvements from all the speed work I had been busy with in the last weeks. However, that proved to be more difficult than expected. I went home to Poland for Easter (yay!) and had to alter the plan and reschedule and re-purpose some runs, making it less clear to see my progress, if any. Also, the weather hasn’t been great at all, so my running shorts are still waiting for their turn to shine…

So, here’s how my week looked like!


Day 130: Monday – “cross-training” day

With dancing and yoga, I can never go wrong. It was a good dancing class where I managed to stay more focused than usually, and my dancing benefited from that.
I am totally getting my groove in the modern dance style.

Day 131: Tuesday – The stormy intervals

It was a difficult day. You could read about it in the separate post in more detail.
Generally, I was still struggling with this type of training, and the storm and hail certainly did not make it any easier….

Distance: 2.6km
Time:       13:44

Days 132 and 133: Rest days

Wednesdays I take a long yoga evening with two classes after each other. Since it was the first day of April, the class routines changed and I found it challenging to get used to the new postures and successions. There will be plenty of time to get used to them and get familiar with the movements again, but for now I am getting more tired than relaxed due to the constant focus and attention to all aspects of the exercises, not to mention having to glance at the teacher to make sure I understood everything correctly.
I was having a great dinner with my workmate on Thursday and I had to pack and prepare for an early morning flight the following day, so I rescheduled my run to Friday.

Day 134: Friday – flight day and “fast run” day

Waking up shortly after 4am after just 3 hours of sleep, I took a taxi, a train and a plane and then got picked up by my dad to finally arrive at my family home on Good Friday. That’s quite a hike. I was dead tired, ate a small meal (we fast on Good Friday, but a small portion of fish is OK) and took a nap. I woke up feeling better, but not completely refreshed. Nevertheless, I did not want to reschedule my run again so I decided to just take it more easy and not push for the fastest pace. In the end, it was a comfortable run, and I was very, very happy with the pace! 6:03 min/km was a great result for me in a comfortable run, even if I fell short by a couple of meters.

Distance: 4.9km
Time:       29:30

Day 135: Saturday – a speedy jog

I know how ridiculous it sounds, “a speedy jog” – but I do find it difficult to run slow. This was supposed to be an easy run, and it was, but the pace was still way too fast. It is a nice thing to run around my family home once again, though. Taking in the environment makes me stop controlling the pace and fall into the “comfortable” zone.

Distance: 5.2km
Time:       33:43


My Sunday run was pushed to Monday, so I will reflect on it in another post. In general, even though I consider the week successful, there was not much progress from the previous one. I need to start getting used to getting “average” days and weeks. Although I still consider myself new to running, being a complete beginner is behind me and I can’t expect to have major accomplishments every run, or every week. I have come a long road since the beginning of my running adventures, and there is still plenty of room for improvement, but it’s going to get more difficult the better I become, and I will have to accept that.

How did you spend your Easter?
Did you manage to squeeze in a run on Sunday?




  1. chris · April 8, 2015

    6:03 pace for a comfortable run is in my world a very fast run, nice done.
    A speedy jog, what a cool word invention. Probably, as you say it, abit too fast for a jogging one. I’ll show you soon again how to “run slow” :D
    I wish it was “difficult” for me to run “slow”. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • chris · April 8, 2015

      But all very nice. We Stormrunners we.


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