Days 137 & 138: My first fartlek!

Day 137: As I mentioned previously, I had to reschedule the Sunday run to Monday.
My dad wanted to run it with me, so, instead of a fast run, we run/walked at a very easy pace for about a mile. Sadly he could not continue any further because of pain in his foot.
I ran the rest of the distance on my own, going at a comfortable pace and pushing myself just a little bit. It was a chilly but pleasant run.

Distance: 5.6km
Time:       38:35


Day 138: On Tuesday, my training plan called for intervals again. The last time I tried intervals, it did not go as good as I had hoped for. I asked for advice from fellow bloggers and I was quite surprised to hear from people that they don’t run intervals! At all! What is this madness? Is my training plan deceiving me?
I decided to try a fartlek instead, and it was fun. Below you can see my actual splits for the fast/slow intervals I ended up with, and I think the overall feeling was much better than when I tried to push for longer intervals. I figured, my time will come when I can run at a very fast pace for a longer period repeatedly without trying to spit my lungs out on the way. I will train towards that. For now, I’ll do my best in the way it feels good for me.
I averaged about 5 min/km on the fast intervals, what was really, really nice!


Distance: 3.8km
Time:      23:07

How do you like your fartleks?



  1. chris · April 9, 2015

    Noooooooooo miles, talk in kilometers aaaaaaa, we have a metric system here. :D
    Good runs, the dad/daughter one, with a nice push (hey, you had quite some speed to catch up to this time!) and nice numbers at the fartlek one aswell.

    Much better week so far than here :)


  2. runsaltrun · April 9, 2015

    Fantastic job! Fartleks are fun and I don’t do them enough. I think once I get past the healing stage post-marathon I may add them into my routine more often because intervals (as much as I LOVE THEM) are kind of hard on my body. You are going to see some great results!

    Liked by 1 person

    • aliceruns · April 9, 2015

      I find intervals very, very difficult! But yes the results are showing. Stay tuned for today’s post!


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