Day 195: Happy National Running Day!

Isn’t it a bit funny that the American National Running Day is spreading all over the world in the running community, uniting all runners everywhere?

I went to a long (2+hours) session of yoga and got my run afterwards. It was slow, but steady, and I took the time to make some pictures and enjoy the surroundings while I ran.


Because it’s the National Running Day, most of the sport-related companies are organising something on social media to honour it. Brooks is having an action where they ask people what are they thankful for in running, using the hashtag #thankyourunning on twitter and instagram. So, I have been thinking, what can I thank my running for?

  • Meeting some of the best people in the world. Running has brought me into the most positive, supportive and friendly community I could imagine. The fellow bloggers, the running groups on fb, friends, colleagues and co-workers who are running, they are all a fantastic bunch of motivation and inspiration.
  • Witnessing the nature, and how it changes – day by day, week by week, season by season, fall into winter into spring into summer. Of course I was aware of these changes, but seeing how the flowers bloom and wilt and how trees cover in green and then in blossom on my running paths made me conscious of the passing time like never before.
  • Taking me out of my comfort zone, giving me courage to dare to try. Making me stronger. If not for running, I would never find out what I am capable of, I would be that weak girl with too much time on her hands who needs help getting her groceries up the stairs. No more.
  • Giving me an escape from my daily worries. Keeping me sane and giving me a safety valve for when I build up too much emotion or inner stress.
  • Making me the best me I could ever hope to be.

Distance: 8km
Time:       51:16

What can you thank your running for? 



  1. chris · June 3, 2015

    A day for everything nowadays! Happy Running Day! Nice summarisation and good, nice, slow run today, well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. runsonsyrup · June 4, 2015

    Happy running day! I thank running for helping me recover from my eating disorder, helping me gain confidence in myself, and helping me be a healthy and happy person.

    Liked by 3 people

    • aliceruns · June 4, 2015

      Thank you for sharing! I think it is amazing to see how running affects people in different ways, but ultimately always makes a positive change.


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