Day 213: Summer is here! & general recap


We are officially past the summer solstice!

That means the days are going to get shorter, and my runs are going to get longer. The last two weeks I was on holiday (yay!) and then completely out of time, and my run schedule suffered a bit, but there are still some highlights I want to share.

First of all, the weather was great during my short stay in Switzerland, it was warm and sunny most of the time. Here back in the Netherlands, it is cold and rainy… what is not particularly surprising, but still kind of a bummer. It is supposed to get a bit better the coming weeks, so hopefully we will get some more summer-ish weather, after all.

Anyway, it was great to have some runs together with MRB again. We visited the beautiful city of Maastricht:

And we went to Pinkpop to see Muse again and some other bands, and it was awesome:

After these events, we ran together through the park here where I live, and that was really, really fun.
The my asics plan we are following told us to do something called a build-up run, which is a progressive run where you increase the pace twice during the distance and maintain it. We had a wonderful 7k with negative splits that day, and I think it was one of the best runs recently. I really like the idea of the build-up runs, and I am glad I will get them more often in my training schedule, even though they are much more difficult to do on my own as I don’t have a handy sportswatch on my wrist to monitor my pace.

Today, however, I was out on a simple, comfortable 7k in the afternoon and it felt so good! My feet were carrying me forward and everything was just right: the sun, the slight rain, the wind (yes, I even enjoyed the wind!), the pace, the environment… simply a great run in itself. Not to mention this cutie I spotted on the way back home:

Next week the balanced training phase of the plan is starting, so the runs will become overall quicker and longer. I am especially looking forward to those build-up runs. They make me feel that if I learn how to pace myself slower at the beginning of the run, I could go much farther and feel so much better!

What is your experience with progressive runs?
Did you do anything fun while I was away?



  1. chris · June 22, 2015

    The weather here is also bad again, since we left for pinkpop. Maastricht is a beautiful city, the trip was nice. I probably don’t have to mention, having 2 muse gigs on 2 weekends is totally crazy but awesome aswell. Or in MUSE words: Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma Madness!
    I wouldn’t mind to go back in time and live that experience again!

    To run the park finally was cool, another perspective of it, than the walk we had there once. Running along the water and below the trees is nice, and it is a very welcome change compared to the hilly route here. The 2 runs there were nice, but the 2nd one, the buildup one, we totally rocked it with the negative splits. I don’t think I can run a 7k that fast soon again, as I have the hills again here. It’s alot harder here those buildup ones, but it will be managable somehow.


  2. runsaltrun · June 25, 2015

    Beautiful photos! It looks like you’ve been having so much fun celebrating the start of summer. :) (I’m so glad it’s finally here!)
    I love progressive runs. I just did one yesterday actually!

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    • aliceruns · June 26, 2015

      Thank you Salt! I am trying to make the best I can out of my time and the weather.


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