June summary and the 500km milestone!


Look around, it’s July already! Time flies…

With the break of the month, I have broken the 500km milestone since I started running in November last year. That sounds quite impressive, doesn’t it?

June marked the start of my 20-weeks-long half-marathon training, and here is a short summary of the month:

  • a total of 14 runs, in 2 countries!
  • one race (5km in Fribourg, Switzerland)
  • a total of 86.5 km
  • Pinkpop!
  • Progressive runs are FUN and generally great, but running in the heat isn’t…

Through July I will increase my mileage and work a bit on the speed in the balanced training phase of the plan. The heat will make it a challenge, but I determined to get the work done.

At the moment it is very, very hot (36°C or 97°F), and, so far, I have failed my morning get-up-and-run-before-it-gets-too-warm two out of two times. It is so hot races get cancelled, so please remember: drink plenty of water, use sunscreen, and wear a hat.
This weather looks beautiful, but it can be dangerous!

Infused water

Make infused water to stay hydrated!



  1. chris · July 2, 2015

    I hope it won’t fly too fast, to actually enjoy the warm weather abit now, before it will get winter again. Nice milestone! I am some km’s away from that still.

    Alright, time to sweat some more off here at work!

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  2. grimmkitten11 · July 3, 2015

    Great job! Sounds like it’s going well!


  3. golddh · July 23, 2015

    I love infused water. I’m currently trying to avoid sugary drinks so this is a great way to have some flavor on your run – for longer runs I even add a bit of honey for sweetness and some energy.


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